Precious Stones is based in the Netherlands. We provide you with high quality crystals, minerals, home decorations and so much more. Selected by hand (one by one), on intuition with love and care. 

We adore our crystals, but are very picky when it comes to buying them. The pure crystals that Mother Earth has given us, are the only crystals that you'll find at our store. We won't sell treated or man made crystals. Each crystal is 100% naturel and not edited in any way!


Benefits to buy at Precious Stones: 
-Support a small (and women) business owner! 
-Only the best quality crystals. 
- Afterpay via Klarna. Pay two weeks or next month for you order! 
-Open box possible! Keep your box open for maximum of one month. (Not during a huge sale).
-Each crystal will be cleansed with smoke before shipping and is ready for your energy. 
-Fair trade for all workers. 
-Personal advice via mail and Whatsapp. 
-Personal shopping possible via video call or with a appointment. 
-There is no filter in any photo, so you see exactly what you'll receive. 
- Free shipping for NL €65. 
- We ship all packages with a insurance till €100, to prevent your package from go missing.
- Save for discount. Get one point for every €10 you spent. (Not during a huge sale). 


Did you know that we strive for a 100% plastic-free webshop and better environment? We use naturel (paper), reusable and recyclable packaging material. We are getting closer everyday. Be kind and work together towards a better environment. 


Feel free to contact us
Love, Ilona | Precious Stones

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