Most asked questions

Do you also send smaller packages through the letterbox?  
- No, we have one shipping rate and also one size package that we send. This is because a 10 cm crystal can have the same weight as a 25 cm crystal and it will not fit through the letterbox. We also believe that crystals are valuable, so all packages are shipped with an insurance, up to €100. 


Within how many days can I expect my package? 
- We do our best to ship your package as soon as possible. However, it may take a little longer. If this is the case, you can see it on our social media page, on the website and/or we will inform you by email. We strive to ship every package within 1-7 working days (excluding the weekend).


How do you contribute to a better environment? 
- We only use sustainable and therefore recycled/recyclable material. The bubble wrap that we use can be recognized by the green logo "I'm green", consists of at least 60% cane sugar and can be fully recycled. We use multiple filler materials.  These can be 1. filling chips, made from 100% recycled polystyrene, 2. kraft paper in 3D honeycomb structure, made from renewable raw materials or 3. 100% recycled and fully recyclable paper. All tape we use is made of kraft paper with a natural rubber adhesive (solvent). This also applies to the tape that says "fragile".


Does each stone come with a separate card of the spiritual effect? 
- We do not add tickets with the effect.  This can be read on our page (see: spiritual effects). The reason for this is that we go for sustainability, we want to continue doing our best for a better environment and even more paper does not help.


Is it possible to reserve a crystal? 
- Unfortunately we do not make reservations (in advance). We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance at the same time.  Via our website you can place the crystal in your shopping cart and complete your order, if you assume that the crystal belongs to you.


I have placed an order and forgot to apply the discount code. Can this be arranged in retrospect? 
- In this situation it is unfortunately no longer possible to change this, because you have already completed your order.


I want to cancel my order.  How do I do that? 
- What a pity that you want to cancel your order! Unfortunately, this can happen. If you have not yet received confirmation from me that your order is official, you can let me know in writing by e-mail; Pay attention; Have you received the confirmation and are you still in doubt, please email me so that we can look for a suitable solution together.


I have received my order, but I see imperfections on the crystal. How is this possible? 
- Every crystal is made by nature. They are 100% natural, not extra colored, sprayed and/or heated. It is therefore possible that your crystal contains irregularities, such as a scratch and/or dent. Nothing can be done about this, nature chose this. This makes each piece unique.


I have a (few) crystals that I don't know the name of. Can I email you for that? 
- We don’t do this with crystals bought anywhere else. When it comes to crystals bought at Precious Stones, that is possible ofcourse. We would like to receive this by email;

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