Crystal shapes

Crystals. Did you know that the shapes of a crystal are not just ordinary? The shape of a crystal also has a certain effect. Below I tell you more about that.


- These crystals are used to sharpen intuition, as they provide a window into the past and the future.  They also emit a cloud of balanced energy. They can offer you harmony and spread energy evenly


- These crystals strengthen energy, radiate it and have a cleansing effect. They can absorb negative energies. They can be very useful during a meditation. Enhances harmony and peace in all environments. They can be programmed and placed where they can do their work. 


- Geometric pattern of lines, depressions and raised structures etched into the surface. These crystals have visible cavities in geometric patterns which can have clay minerals of different colours. The cavities are often layered or ribbed and sometimes are so deep that the crystal is almost hollow. 


Palm stone
- Grounding, healing and calming

- Constant gentle energy

Free form
- High vibration


- Amplifies and dissipates energy, charger. You can use them in meditation, but also to soften illnesses and emotions. How? By letting the point point towards you when you want to let in positive energy and away from you when you want to get rid of negative energy. 


Double point
- Recieve and transmits information, absorbs and emits energy


- These crystals stimulate the removal of obstacles on your path. They bring order to your life and increases the energy of manifestation. Melds the spiritual and angelic realms with the physical.


- strong and pure energy


- Inner quest, seeking focussed contact with your inner divine being, manifestation and able to removes blockages. 


- Sacred Geometry Shape. Element of Earth (grounding). Energy of Star Sign Cancer. Promotes patience, allowing all things to develop in their own time. Balances and stabilizes the surrounding area. Also nice for grounding and during a meditation.


- These heart shaped crystal bestows love and truth to the giver and receiver. A feeling of peace and security accompanies this shape.


- These crystals can be used for scanning etheric fields, showing up cloudy areas. The shape allows itself to fit nicely into the palm of your hand during meditation, bringing calmness of the mind and body. They can be also nice for the fertility, balance and stability. 

Layser point  
- This is a very powerful crystal that needs to be used carefully. Never point it at anyone without clarity as to your intent. It can be an amazing healing tool when used properly. It concentrates the energy passing through it. Used for psychic surgery, cutting away negativity of all kinds. Removes old attitudes, thought patterns and energy blockages. Stimulates acupuncture points.


Wands Massage
- Traditional healing tool of Shamans and healers. Most wands are hand carved by man but have formed naturally. Wands are believed to have been used by the crystal healers of Atlantis. They are a powerful tool for channeled universal healing energy.


- Receptive, rules feminine, nurturing, protective, enduring, balance, unity together.


- Rules masculine, forceful, drive and ambition.


There are also hand carvings. You find the explanation down below. 

- Alligator tells us that an opportunity is about to unfold and develop new wisdom. Wisdom that could swallow you up if not used carefully. It has primal energies of the mother, feminine creative forces.


- They come in many shapes and forms, always there surrounding us in love and guidance. Never interfering, just there for us whenever we need them. Be aware every minute of every day, as Angels touch and talk to us all the time.


- Intuition, power, dreamtime. Bear shows you how to use power wisely, slow down, quite the mind, listen and all your answers will be answered. When it is time enter your cave within and rest, hibernate ready for a new your to emerge.


- Butterfly Transmutation & the dance of joy. A symbol of change, joy & colour. They remind us not to take life so seriously, it is a dance so get up & move. What stage of change are you at cocoon larvae or butterfly. If butterfly has entered your life it is time to examine your life & that all change is good.


- He is infinite with no beginning and no end, self created, revealing his teachings to those who are ready to hear. Life is not good or bad, it is what it is. Be still, listen to your heart and trust this part of your journey.


Laughing Buddha  
- He is here to help you laugh & find the happy Buddha within. He traveled the world without any cares and was always happy and surrounded by children. Placed at your front door facing out greeting people is his best position. Always have Buddha’s up off the floor.


- Guardian ship, detachment, sensuality. Cat has the ability to observe without judgment. Make decisions and act upon them. Cats know who they are and what they want. They help us to understand our instincts and how to act on them.


- Guidance, protection, loyalty. A loyal companion on your journey in this life and beyond. Dog shows us how to defend ourselves, our values and what we hold sacred in our lives. Also dog asks are we loyal to ourselves or are we trying to please others.


- The Power of Breath & Sound. Dolphins teach us about the importance of breath and the flow of water. They show us how to enter the waters of life, breath and then using sound to ask for our greatest desires. If they appear to you or you are attracted to them, it is time to trust, flow, lighten up and have fun.


- Active and attuned to the earth. Builds for future, leader of others. Strong stubborn, kind, and popular.


- Reminds us to nurture our emotional needs. It can help you to navigate through all areas of your emotional life with grace and ease.


- Symbol of royalty, fertility, strength and power. Elephant is all about caring for the family & community and having respect for all, young and old. If you are drawn towards this totem, clouds are also important to you. Elephants with trunks up, facing in bring abundance (health, wealth and happiness), with trunks down facing out bring protection.


- Symbol of good fortune. Placing fish in an aquarium in the South East corner of home or office helps to remove negative energy and bring harmony.


- Frogs teach us to welcome tears, honour them as a way to cleanse and heal our soul. Frogs help us to acknowledge our emotional, physical burdens & any walls of defense you might have. Frog often comes into your life when new beginnings are around the corner. So embrace frog energy with trust and gratitude.


- The lord of thresholds and gateways of change. Hindu God of wisdom and success, he is the defender and remover of all obstacles in every area of your life. His large form riding a mouse, challenges us to accept the situation, bear the weight of our reality and move on or be caught in the burden. He is the guardian who grants success. Best placed at doorways (gateways) to keep your space sacred.


- Excellent sales person loves travel, needs freedom, adventure, can be moody or hot tempered.


- Inventive mind, great commercial ability, difficult to influence, independent strength, common sense.


- Owls are the birds of magic, wisdom & prophecy. They help us to see clearly through, beneath and around people and situations. Nothing is hidden when owl is around. Owl also reminds us to live with integrity and truth. Owl sees all.


- Reserved and private, inventive mind, enterprise, outgoing, friendly, glamour, love of show business, self reliant.


- Sparkling personality, sense of humour, rebelliousness and ambitious. The tiger is also trustworthy, realistic and lucky.


- The Shell – a symbol of heaven. The Under belly symbol of earth. Turtles usually show themselves in times of turmoil & stress. It asks us to slow down, retreat into our home and take another look at your situation.


- The unicorn represents purity, gentleness, wisdom and longevity. It is pure and incorruptible. The horn is said to hold the cure for all poisons – physical and emotional.


- Creation, power of song, record keeper. Whale can teach how to use the breath of life and manifest your dreams. Open your creativity add colour and joy to your life. Don”t become lost in illusion (beaching yourself), stay aware, listen to your song.


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